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IMMUNE BOOSTER - Hand Sanitizer

$6.99 $8.99

A smooth, silky liquefied blend of fresh Aloe Vera Leaves extracted gel, 70% rubbing alcohol, infused with Tea Tree Oil, an immune boosting essential oil blend for anti-bacterial / anti-viral protection and Vitamin E to moisturize.

Inhale the therapeutic aroma as you rub your hands together and the scent fills the air!

4 oz. Disc Cap Bottle

SHIPPING:  2-3 Day USPS Priority Mail (please allow one day for order processing)

* Please note:  Due to COVID19 our suppliers are sold out of many ingredients.  We can only order what is avaiilable. The scent, packaging and/or alcohol percentage (60%-99%) may slightly vary in the future, until we reach a level of normalcy.

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